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sarah fortune nutritional therapy


I am passionate about getting to the root cause of health concerns; considering them in a holistic manner alongside your diet, lifestyle, family history, stress and exercise.  I striving to achieve long-term results for you as well as short-term improvements for more immediate benefits.


Keeping up to date with the latest scientific research is a key element to my approach and I enjoy sharing this with my research with my clients.  My work is evidence-based and I follow a Functional Medicine approach to nutrition - it is vital that we get to the root cause of a problem rather than just treat the symptom.  Find out more about Functional Medicine here.


My career began in the City of London - it was a dynamic and demanding environment and I gave little thought to what I ate, so I understand how the day to day demands of work and other responsibilities can interfere with good intentions.  Part of my role is to help you work out how to have both!


My journey to becoming a Registered Nutritionist began after I had my children.  As with all parents, I wanted to give my children the best possible start in life and this ignited my interest in nutrition and it has steadily grown from there.  When my children were young I would make homemade vegetable juices and soups as a small business from home and I soon found that my customers were keen to learn more about how to keep healthy - many of them frustrated that they couldn't resolve their symptoms via the traditional medical options.  I loved helping people and wanted to formalise my knowledge.  I discovered the world renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) in London, graduating with a merit diploma. 


Whether you are currently in good health and would like to optimise your well-being or are dealing with long-term chronic issues,  I am here to support you on your journey.  I am passionate about providing practical and sustainable ways to make changes that fit your specific needs and lifestyle.  

I offer consultations in Essex or across the UK via Zoom.

Contact Me now for a free 15 minute conversation about how I can help you.
functional medicine nutrition


Functional Medicine is a scientific and holistic approach to healthcare, regarding the body as a series of interconnected systems rather than distinct organs with individual functions.  

Functional medicine strives to identify the root cause of any health concerns and treat that, rather than just treating the symptom.  For example, someone who is experiencing eczema will typically be prescribed a cream without any investigation into what is causing the eczema.  The cream may alleviate the visible symptoms but it will not solve the problem.  Functional medicine will start with the possible causes.  For example some common causes of ezcema are, 

Inflammation, Toxins, Immune System Disregulation, Intestinal Permeability, Food Intolerances, Imbalanced Gut Bacteria.

Functional medicine aims to equip you with the tools to improve your well-being in the long term.

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