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What can you expect from Nutritional Therapy with Sarah?

Food and lifestyle changes are greatly underestimated as a means to bring about improvements to our health and vitality.  Lasting and meaningful changes do not happen overnight, but you can expect a friendly and supportive approach to your health concerns. 

Change is most successful if it is practical, sustainable and enjoyable. You will be fully supported throughout your journey in a friendly and compassionate way.  Consultations with Sarah produce recommendations that are individually tailored to suit your unique situation.  All aspects of your health, history, diet and lifestyle will be taken into consideration to bring about the best possible benefits to address your health concerns.  Everyone is unique and this is reflected in every part of the process.

Sarah follows a Functional Medicine approach to health.  In essence this means wherever possible getting to the root cause of any concerns rather than simply treating the symptom.  This can take time and attention which is what you will receive in your consultations and in the research conducted behind the scenes.  Everything is based on scientific evidence rather than the latest diet fads.  Sarah will work alongside any medical practitioners you are seeing and will always offer solutions that fit in with your current medical advice.

Sarah is registered with BANT and CNHC so you can be assured of the highest possible levels of professional integrity.

Nutritionist in Essex

"After only two sessions with Sarah I now think completely differently about food.  I now feel less bloated, have lost weight and eat far more than I have in years...

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough.  She simplifies her extensive knowledge, providing the tools to improve health and wellbeing without being baffled by the science.  I no longer fixate on my weight, instead I focus on gut health and nutrition."

Jane, Essex


“Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.”


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